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The RS 420 Cannabis Decontamination Systems

Many of the best names in growing, including Cannabis Cup winning growers have been turning to photonic decontamination as the safest and most effective decontamination technique that is also the friendliest to the flower itself. As the only solution that is able to penetrate the entire flower without destroying or chemically modifying it, consumers are able to avoid the risks of incomplete, surface-only decontamination while also knowing that the product and its smell, taste, and potency are not being compromised in the process.

Rad Source’s Photonic Decontamination (light) process, which uses the same technology that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved to prevent the growth of dangerous microbes in food, keeps consumers and employees of growing facilities safe because it completely eliminates the presence of harmful chemicals. No chemicals also mean that the cannabinoids, terpenes, moisture, and visual quality of the product remains intact.


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The RS 420 Q+

Game Over!

We did it again, making the best technology even better!

Rest Assured, Test Assured™ The QUASTAR∙2™ X-ray platform with proprietary Photonic Decontamination™ technology provides a 99.9% confidence level in microbial inactivation of Mold, Powdery Mildew, Aspergillus, BTGN, Yeast, Salmonella, E . coli, Coliform and other challenging microbes. The QUASTAR∙2 X-ray platform is proven technology. For over 5 years and many independent lab and customer generated test results show that Rad Source Photonic Decontamination technology is the world leader in onsite cannabis decontamination.

The Dynamic Duo Technology Platform™ Rad Source combines (2) innovative proprietary technologies, the Dosing Carousel and the QUASTAR∙2 X-ray, for the industry’s best microbial inactivation power, unmatched penetration strength and efficiency.


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Whether you’re a cannabis grower, processor, retailer, or consumer, Demand Safer Cannabis™ is your starting point to understanding cannabis microbial decontamination in a simple and easy way.   We are committed to empowering you with the basic knowledge and resources to help make informed decisions about cannabis decontamination technologies and practices.

Enjoy Demand Safer Cannabis today and become educated in the basic concepts of cannabis microbial decontamination. Be sure to tell a friend!

Informed choices lead to safer cannabis products for everyone. Technology Choices Matter, Choose Wisely™


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