NDT 1000

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Inspection Power, Speed and Material Flexibility

The NDT 1000 inspects thicknesses of up to 0.625″ – including steel – with images of 30 fps and high resolution digitizing panel and monitor.

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Fast, Flexible and Strong

The compact Rad Source NDT 1000 is a true flexible NDT imaging system with the power to penetrate 0.6″ with inspection speeds <1 second and x-ray to image in 5 seconds.  In industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, and  product brand reputation.

Available Components and Accessories


  • Pipe/Tube Inspection
  • Optional Laser Centering Device
  • Viewing Window
  • Camera and Monitoring for Viewing Cabinet Interior

Features and Specifications

Inspection Speed and Power

This system inspects materials up to 0.625″ in thickness including steel piping and welds in 1 second with a high resolution digitizing panel and displays on a high-resolution monitor.

Hassle-Free Ownership. Easy to Use.

  • Extra-large integrated control and imaging screen
  • Worry free maintenance
  • Standard 110 volt outlet
  • Intuitive features providing ease of use, however training is available upon request

Global Sales and Service Footprint

  • Rad Source is a global leader in developing x-ray solutions for life science.
  • Our global network of employees and partners delivered an unrivaled combination of the world’s most innovative x-ray based solutions and a highly trained and responsive global service and support footprint.

Safety and Quality

  • Rad Source systems receive a quality inspection, and radiation survey prior to shipment and again at installation.
  • Rad Source systems are manufactured as cabinet x-ray devices and conform to the radiation safety guidelines in US CFR 1020.41


Equipment Dimensions (W x D x H)
44.3 x 28.5 x 70.8 “
112.5 x 72.4 x 179.8 cm

Internal Chamber Dimensions (W x D x H)
16.5 x 14.9 x 13.2″
41.9 x 37.8 x 33.5 cm

Equipment Weight
1280 lbs.
580.6 kg

Imaging Area
8” x 8”

Pixel Size
194 Unit, 100µm

• Gadolinium oxysulfide or direct
• Deposit CSI Magnification: up to 2X
• Additional magnification up to 4X
• Spatial Resolution: 10µ at 10x magnification

Energy Range
30 – 160kv

Electrical Requirements
120VAC, 10A

Tube Current
1 – 4mA Max

Focal Spot Size

Tube Filtration
0.25mm Be, Tungsten Source

• For the installation, the unit will arrive at your facility in the morning and will be met by our install team.
• All NDT 1000 IMAGING SYSTEMS receive a quality inspection, dose map, and radiation survey prior to shipment and again at installation.
* On-site Training Included at installation.

Water Requirements:
• 3 gallons of distilled water for the irradiator’s internal water tank.

Cooling Requirements:
• Not Required

• 12 months full warranty: Including
• Installation
• Training
• Initial Dose Map
• Radiation Survey
• 2nd Dose Map
• All parts, labor & travel.
• Extended Warranty Program (year 2):
• Available for purchase anytime within 12 months from date of installation of Irradiator
– (Includes ALL parts, labor, travel and one PM call and (2) dosimetry reports per annum.

  • Rad Source NDT Imaging Systems receive a quality inspection, and radiation survey prior to shipment and again at installation.
  • Rad Source NDT Imaging Systems are manufactured as cabinet x ray devices and conform to the radiation safety guidelines in US CFR 1020.40


What is the penetration capability of this system?

This system produces 160 kV at 4 ma which is capable of penetrating approximately 1/2 in of steel and one and a half inches of aluminum.

Is this a real time x-ray system?

Yes, real time is considered 30 frames or greater per second of image data. The higher the resolution the slower the frame rate typically is. With additional hardware it is possible to produce even higher frame rates. This is only necessary when inspecting samples in motion. If this equipment is provided with motion hardware we must consider the speed of inspection.

Can this equipment be provided with additional hardware for motion inspection?

Yes, this unit is the basis of many different inspection procedures. The unit can be provided with an internal manipulator or a pass-through conveyor system.

Can this unit be provided with other imaging panels?

Yes, the standard for this system is a 9 inch square imaging plate. Smaller plates can be integrated into the system as well. Many times a smaller plate produces high resolution within the pixels.

Can this system be provided with a microfocus x-ray source?

Yes, the configuration is very different to allow high magnification of the sample be inspected. A micro focus system is typically up to 130 kV at 300 microamps. The focal spot is approximately 10 to 20 microns in size.

Can this system overheat?

Yes, depending on the environment and the operational temperature the system has the ability to overheat. There is a thermal protection system that controls the X-ray on condition if the over temperature sensor is tripped. This is done to protect the system from damage.

Can this system be tied to a network?

The system is provided with a state-of-the-art PC that can be utilized for image storage and image viewing at another location. Images can also be moved from the hard disk to a memory device.

Does the image capture software perform any modifications to the image?

The image software allows standard control of the image such as brightness and contrast modifications as well as some convolutions. Other features are available on request.

Is this system radiation safe?

Yes, this system meets and exceeds Federal standard 21 CFR 10 20.40. all doors and covers are provided with interlocks or switches as required. The lead thickness of this unit exceeds typical shielding requirements or radiation enclosures.

Is the power of the X-ray source controllable by the operator?

The KV and mA are independently controllable by a software interface. The graphic user interface allows the operator to have direct control of the kV and mA.

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