Rad Source Technologies, Inc. (Rad Source), a global life science leader whose proprietary Quastar technology has revolutionized the use of photonic decontamination for a range of sensitive life science end-use applications, has unveiled its new brand identity and revamped website to better communicate the company’s commitment to become the world leader in creating photonic decontamination technologies, solutions and services that enable our customers to improve the world through life science.    

Harnessing the patented core technology at the heart of the company’s success, the “Powered by Quastar®” tagline is now fully integrated with the company’s logo, on the new radsource.com website, and across its brand platform.

“We’re pleased to introduce a new brand identity and website that better reflects who we are, what we do, and the value we bring to our global customers,” says George Terry, Executive Vice President, Rad Source. “Providing safe, proven and reliable photonic decontamination solutions that address humanity’s most challenging issues is our mission — and the new website explores what that means and who that impacts in areas ranging from cancer research, blood transfusion, and insect sterilization to viral inactivation, immunology, and cannabis decontamination.” 

Quastar, the world’s most advanced and reliable photonic decontamination emitter technology, has revolutionized the photonic decontamination irradiation market for biological science applications. Quastar technology produces a larger, stronger, and higher-energy photon field with exceptional dose uniformity.  This provides higher treatment consistency, faster processing times, and fewer undesired consequences.  It’s safe, reliable and scientifically proven to ensure optimal dosing across a myriad of sensitive applications.  

The revamped radsource.com is designed to be intuitive, content-rich, and easy to navigate. Aside from allowing users to fully explore Quastar technology, the site is categorized into segments that focus on the six key industries the company serves: Blood Irradiation, Cell & Tissue Research, Small Animal Research, Sterile Insect Technology (SIT), Bacterial and Viral Inactivation, and Cannabis Decontamination.  

The site will be frequently updated with the latest industry research, scientific studies, customer insights, videos, and other assets to provide greater value and insights to current and prospective customers.  

“After more than 22 years of marketplace success in many different industries — and with more than 700 dedicated photonic decontamination irradiator instruments installed at the world’s leading research hospitals, laboratories, government agencies, and private companies — it was time to better communicate the Quastar value,” says Terry. 

The new brand identity will be carried across an aggressive and integrated marketing and sales effort, evidenced by new print and digital advertisements, collateral material, podcasts, social media postings, and an expanded presence at key industry trade shows and exhibitions.   

For more information, visit: www.radsource.com 

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Rad Source was founded in 1997 for the purpose of creating non-nuclear irradiation alternatives. Even prior to the more recent security issues associated with radioactive gamma sources, the company’s vision was to solve environmental disposal and related practical issues associated with “hot” source equipment. 

Based on that, we introduced our first products in 1999 incorporating photonic decontamination technology including the first FDA cleared photonic decontamination blood irradiator as well as our laboratory research photonic decontamination irradiator, the RS 2000. 

Since then, we’ve continued expanding our capabilities and adding to our proprietary photonic decontamination irradiation technology, developing proprietary photonic decontamination sources and new research tools and equipment. We are a global enterprise and our equipment resides in major pharmaceutical labs, healthcare institutions and renowned universities around the world. We are based in Buford, Georgia, USA where our highly qualified and dedicated staff continues to develop our technology, design and produce our equipment.