Purpose: To use NanoDot dosimeters to study the RS 2000 X-ray Biological Irradiator dosimetry characteristics and perform in vivo dosimetry for cell or small animal experiments. Methods and materials: We first calibrated the Landauer NanoDot™ Reader by irradiating some NanoDot dosimeters with a set of known doses at specific positions defined by the irradiator. A group of five NanoDot dosimeters were placed at five specific positions where the dose rates were known and provided by the irradiator. Each group was irradiated for a set of times respectively. By correlating the readings of dosimeters with the given irradiated doses, we established the dose-reading relationship for the irradiator under the specific running condition. The established calibration curve was validated by exposing arbitrary known doses to a set of dosimeters, using the Landauer NanoDot™ Reader to measure the doses, and then making the comparison between the two doses. To study the dose gradient of the X-ray inside the irradiated target (dose variation/cm), we placed dosimeters under different thicknesses of water-equivalent bolus and irradiated them, then measured the doses to determine the dose gradient. Results: Using the method described above, we were able to calibrate the Landauer InLight NanoDot™ Reader and use NanoDot dosimeters to measure the actual doses delivered to the targets for the cell/small animal experiments that use the RS 2000 X-ray Biological Irradiator. Conclusions: NanoDots are ideal dosimeters to use for in vivo dosimetry for cell/small animal irradiation experiments. The dose decrease inside the animal tissue is about 20% per cm.

Int J Radiat Biol. 2013 Jul 29. [Epub ahead of print]
Using NanoDot dosimetry to study the RS 2000 X-ray Biological Irradiator.
Lu L, Bondra K, Gupta N, Sommerfeld J, Chronowski C, Leasure J, Singh M, Pelloski CE.

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Wexner Medical Center, The Arthur G. James Comprehensive Cancer Center and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, Department of Radiation Oncology, The Ohio State University , Columbus, Ohio , USA.