Cell Research

The Most Powerful Dedicated Cell Irradiator Available

The powerful Rad Source RS 1800 Q X-ray Irradiators are designed to investigate biological responses while providing maximum research versatility accommodating cell, tissue culture, seeds and many more life science applications.


The Most Powerful Dedicated Cell Irradiator Available

Cancer researchers utilize our patented x-ray irradiation technology to assess the effects of radiation on different types of cancer cells in laboratory experiments, enabling them to more accurately predict the outcomes of radiation therapy in cancer patients.

Cancer cells are normal cells that have suffered genetic mutations in their DNA that cause them to multiply uncontrollably and escape death. Cancer cells display several “hallmark” behaviors that are characteristic of cells from all types of cancer, but individual types of cancer differ greatly in other behaviors, particularly in their response to radiation.

It is critical for cancer researchers to evaluate the effects of radiation on cancer cells in the laboratory because this will lead to safer and more effective treatments for human cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy in the hospital or clinic.

Patented Quastar® Photonic Decontamination™ Technology

Our patented x-ray irradiation technology is the preferred method to simulate radiation therapy in the laboratory, enabling cancer researchers to perform experiments that show how cancer cells gain resistance to radiation and other experiments that evaluate the collective effect of new drugs or doses in combination with radiation therapy.

High Dose Rates

The Quastar™ x-ray emitter produces a high x-ray output and has a large field, providing the scientist with the flexibility for many application configurations for high throughput and dose rate.

Better Uniformity

Due to a larger field with no need to collimate the beam, a better uniformity can be achieved compared to imaging tube x-ray technology.

Direct Replacement for Gamma Irradiator

The U.S. Government has recognized x-ray to be a safe, direct alternative – for radioactive isotope (gamma) source irradiators.


RS 1800 Q Biological Irradiator

The 1800∙Q is designed around the proprietary QUASTAR™ X-ray platform built specifically for life science applications. The most powerful cell irradiator available for cell and tissue biological research. Applications include cancer research, immunology, feeder cell arrestment, hybridoma cells, stem cells, apoptosis, and seeds.

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